Employees want to work for companies that provide the greatest opportunities for career satisfaction and advancement. Therefore, to attract top talent, you need to portray your company as a top competitor in your industry. Here are three areas to focus on when branding your company as a talent magnet.

Are You Securing Employee Referrals?

As a talent magnet, your company should be securing employee referrals. Employees who love what they do share their experiences with family, friends, and former colleagues and managers and encourage them to work for your company. Happy employees also share company content on social media so everyone can learn more about the advantages of working for you.

Are You Hiring Passive Candidates?

Because passive candidates are highly engaged in their work and enjoy contributing to their company, your organization needs to portray the ideas, beliefs and vision that passive candidates can relate to. Candidates will start conversations with your employees to learn more about opportunities for adding value to your organization. Since passive candidates are attracted to thought-provoking ideas and people, you can post stories, research and photos on your company website and social media accounts to engage candidates in conversations. You can also showcase employees in your industry or with a specific skill set, provide examples of how employees use innovation to move a company forward, or offer initiatives for overcoming challenges and being acknowledged for company contributions.

Are Your Retention Rates High?

If your organization offers employees significant career advancement, top performers will want to work with you for a long time. Your employees also have plenty of opportunities for professional development, constructive feedback and company input to remain highly engaged in their work.

How Can Your Company Improve?

You can provide employee incentives for sharing their positive experiences with your company on websites such as Glassdoor and CareerBliss. Feature employee photos, videos and testimonials on your website. Provide compensation for employee referrals who turn into new hires. Also, build your brand on social media. Use your company website, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and other platforms to share updates, post photos and videos, ask and answer questions and demonstrate company culture. In addition, attend industry events to network with potential candidates. You’ll gain insight into what their interests and passions are and what motivates them to succeed. You can use this information when the right role opens up and you want them to join your team.

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