Having job security is a top priority for employees. They want to know they’ll have steady income to pay their bills. It’s important that current and prospective employees know your company is stable and can provide for them indefinitely. Here are some ways you can convey job security within your company.

Recruiting Passive Candidates

A passive candidate needs compelling reasons, such as job security, to seek a role with your company. Start by providing the candidate with the advantages they’ll have while working for you. Show how the candidate’s skills and experience will benefit your organization. Offer at least a 15 percent increase in the candidate’s current salary along with health insurance, a retirement plan with company match, more PTO than they currently have, a flexible schedule and other desirable benefits and perks. Offering these incentives shows you’re serious about hiring quality employees and rewarding them with a stable job.

Recruiting Active Candidates

Show active candidates why your company is the best to work for, including the fact you provide job security. Speak passionately about the position and your organization. Point out how the candidate’s skills and experience may benefit the company. Give concrete reasons why your business stands out from the others. Offer a competitive salary, health insurance plan, PTO, flexible work schedule and other benefits and perks the candidate may desire. Providing these incentives lets the candidate know working for you will give them job security.

Exhibiting Stability

Model a company culture of positive words and actions. Stay updated on your employees’ hobbies and outside interests. Celebrate achievements such as completing a large project, bringing in a new client or increasing workflow efficiency. Ensure employees are engaged in their work and accomplishing company goals. Encourage open communication among workers at all levels so questions are answered and issues are resolved. Let employees help plan projects in line with company goals so your workers know what direction your organization is headed in and can help ensure its success. Welcome employee ideas and input to help move the company forward.

Planning Career Advancement

Provide training to gain the necessary skills and experience for moving ahead. Allow your employees to work independently as much as possible. Have a supervisor and colleagues available to receive updates on progress, answer questions and help as needed. Your employees will know you trust them to make their own decisions and perform their best work. This encourages them to remain with your company longer and keep employment levels stable.

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