Passive candidates are typically harder to recruit than active candidates. Because passive candidates are satisfied with their positions, they’re less likely to be searching for a new opportunity. However, because passive candidates are top contributors within their organizations, they’re the ones you want working for you rather than your competition. Here are four tips to successfully recruit top passive candidates.

Demonstrate Expertise

Put up weekly blog posts and ongoing social media posts to engage your followers in company stories and industry information. Because passive candidates remain updated in their fields, chances are they’ll visit your website or social media pages and become interested in working for you. Also post recruitment videos on your blog and social media pages to build brand recognition, highlight company culture and demonstrate employee success stories. Include a call to action for candidates who can visualize themselves as your employees.

Secure Employee Referrals

Create a program for your employees to refer passive candidates. Because your best employees typically have high-quality friends, you’ll have a strong candidate pool to draw from. Because your employees already know what it’s like to work for your company, they can sell passive candidates on coming to work for you. In addition, your employees know what skills and experience you’re looking to hire for so they can communicate the information to qualified candidates.


Plan networking events encouraging passive candidates to engage with company executives and meet other professionals in their field. Let attendees know you’re simply getting to know them better and finding out what inspires them to follow a specific career path. Work on building relationships with passive candidates you meet by connecting on LinkedIn and regularly following up with industry news articles, congratulations on work achievements and other topics that may be of interest to them. In addition, build familiarity and trust with passive candidates so they may consider working for your company in the future.

Utilize Social Media

Use social media to increase your brand awareness, post open positions and vet passive candidates. Post information on awards or positive ratings your company received to attract top performers who remain loyal to your company. Create talent communities by sharing your latest company news and issues affecting your industry, quickly responding to questions and engaging with potential hires. Utilize advanced search filters with LinkedIn’s Recruiter program to search for specific characteristics, read profiles and ask to connect with candidates. Join Facebook groups focused on your industry to find individuals contributing to conversations and connect with them. Plus, use Twitter to search hashtags related to your industry and engage with users in those circles by retweeting their posts, responding to questions and asking for their input.

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