Companies with standard onboarding processes experience substantially greater new-hire productivity and retention. Employees of these companies also achieve full proficiency months before employees in shorter programs. Because onboarding is vital to your company’s success, consider choosing one of these five apps to begin your process before your new hires start.

1. Appical

Appical helps employers welcome, support, train and retain their new hires. The app assists with paperwork completion, team introductions and enhancing the employee experience. Appical also focuses on handling tax and benefits forms and providing new hires with instructions before their first day. Plus, the app introduces new hires to company culture, clarifies responsibilities, schedules the first-day agenda, and sets first-year goals. Having the new hire complete forms before starting work means they can be set up on payroll, benefits, a retirement plan, learning management systems, time and attendance, and other systems in advance.

2. Rippling

Rippling handles a variety of IT, HR, facilities, legal, finance, and employee work when joining, working at or leaving a company. The app ships a preconfigured computer to the new hire, sets up email, Slack and Dropbox accounts with a single sign-on, configures keycard access, and registers employees in HR systems.

3. Click Boarding

Click Boarding works as a stand-alone app or can integrate with various applicant tracking, payroll, HR information and learning management systems. Expanded functionality may include videos and learning content to welcome the new hire, point out unique benefits and opportunities with the company, and increase the probability of retention. Employers can choose from a preset onboarding process or customize it. The new hire can easily complete government and corporate forms online, receive an office map and employee directory, and view a video greeting before their first day. HR can easily receive a complete understanding of where the new employee is in their onboarding process, be quickly alerted to what requires attention and can take immediate action.

 4. BambooHR

BambooHR was cofounded by two professionals who wanted to build great HR software. The app provides employees with self-onboarding by helping new hires manage paperwork, meet new colleagues via email and an organization chart, and receive instructions before their first day.

5. Talmundo

Talmundo helps employers build an inspiring journey for employees. The app software combines HR best practices and company culture to quickly integrate new hires. Talmundo engages with new employees once they accept the job, allows colleagues to share their experiences, and provides details on onboarding procedures. The app also connects new employees with team members, helps them fill out paperwork in advance, and provides details on what to do their first day. Plus, Talmundo reflects company culture and mission and tells the company story while bringing new hires up to speed as efficiently and effectively as possible.

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