Because millennials and Generation Z were born around the same time, they have many similarities, yet several differences. For instance, millennials, born between 1981 and 1993, and Generation Z, born between 1994 and 2010, have similar interests in leadership, collaboration, work environment, technology, and work-life balance. However, fewer millennials than Generation Z want to be leaders, receive regular feedback or have flexibility in their work. Working together, millennials and Generation Z can use their talents to improve your HR team. Here are a few ways how.

1. Leadership

Millennials want to shape where they work, make contributions and see how their role directly benefits both the company and society. They look for inspiration from senior levels, especially leaders who communicate about company mission, vision and values. However, research shows that fewer millennials say they aspire to be leaders than Generation Z, although more than half of each group desire to move forward with their employer.

2. Collaboration

Most millennials and Generation Z members feel well prepared for working with others. The majority are willing to serve as mentors and say that co-workers are the most important workplace attribute that allows them to perform their best. Working with mentors and coaches is especially important to Generation Z, who tend to want feedback weekly, after every project or assignment, or daily.

3. Work Environment

Millennials and Generation Z are the first generations to rate workplace flexibility as more important than healthcare. Although millennials rate the two benefits as equally important, Generation Z rates flexibility as a bit more important than healthcare coverage.

4. Technology

Due to the widespread use of technology and companies that create or embrace it, those are logical findings. Millennials and Generation Z said they would like social media, wearables, virtual reality and robotics incorporated into their organizations.

5. Work-Life Balance

Technology that improves work-life balance is especially important because millennials and Generation Z value flexibility. Knowledge-sharing systems and collaborative systems are important for working both remotely and collaboratively. Millennials brought the idea of telecommuting to the workplace. Because Generation Z grew up collaborating through the use of apps and software, they will continue to use them to work outside the office and set aside more time for personal interests.

Improving Your HR Team

Adding millennials and Generation Z to your HR team provides multiple benefits. For instance, because they typically have college degrees and training, hiring them means your company gains updated knowledge. Since millennials and Generation Z are proactive and versatile, they develop abilities outside their job description to add additional value to the company. As digital natives, millennials and Generation Z are experts in optimizing time and resources to help employees.

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