Employee satisfaction is an essential part of attracting and retaining top talent. Those with high satisfaction levels tend to stay with their employer longer than those with low satisfaction. Employee satisfaction also is important to your company’s overall success. When you continually motivate employees, they are more productive, have a positive impact on culture, and outperform your competition. The challenge is knowing how to measure employee satisfaction and learn how you can increase it. Here are four best HR practices for measuring employee satisfaction.

Conduct Surveys

Surveys are an impactful way to track employee satisfaction. For instance, ask 10 questions about how your staff feel at work and what they would like to see improved. Be sure to emphasize any issues you know of. Or, purchase online ready-made surveys to measure employee satisfaction and better understand which areas they feel could improve. Make your surveys confidential but not anonymous. You want staff to feel secure pointing out problems and voicing concerns, but you need individual data to perform proper analytics. Ensure you use questions proven to make a positive impact on your company and lead to positive HR outcomes.

Create Employee Focus Groups

Implementing employee focus groups enhances the feedback received from surveys. Because surveys are designed to uncover issues that need improvement, you gain an idea of what the problems are. By forming focus groups, you gain feedback and ideas to solve the problems. Use the ideas to create an action plan for solving the biggest issues mentioned in the survey. Staff enjoys participating in the process and knowing their opinions and concerns are heard and respected.

Provide a Digital Feedback Tool

Add a digital feedback tool to break rooms and other areas where employees gather. Employees tend to be more satisfied with their jobs and less likely to leave an employer when they feel their suggestions for change are implemented. Providing a digital feedback tool gives a better sense of how you can create an environment that increases employee satisfaction. Coordinate with office managers and relevant supervisors to develop an easily implemented procedure for accepting employee feedback.

Discuss Employee Satisfaction During Performance Reviews

During employee performance reviews, talk about workplace morale and general office culture. Find out what your staff members’ common concerns are and what solutions may be available. Employees feel valued when they know their opinions lead to change.

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