Sourcing new hires in Chicago seems like it would be an easy prospect, but the job market has shifted again to a candidate-driven one. Unemployment numbers are down and jobs are up, which means the best candidates are being snatched up by leading companies. In a tight labor market, how can your company find the best candidates? Here are some tips to follow.

Get social!

Twitter is quickly becoming a very dynamic tool for hiring candidates. To find people who are looking for a new job, here are some hashtags to try: #needajobnow, #unemployed, #hireme, and #lookingforwork. Many candidates are using their mobile devices only while looking for a job and are no longer using a laptop. Hopefully, you have a responsive website that is mobile ready! Another example we heard recently was for company who sent out a message on Facebook that they needed to hire 300 employees for a warehouse and logistics company. Someone saw the post and sent it out to all their connections on Facebook. Since the company advertised open interviews at the office, they caused a traffic jam with all the candidates that came in to be considered for the job!

Be an employer of choice

In today’s competitive labor market, companies that stand out with strong corporate cultures, above-average starting salaries, and other perks are where top candidates flock. Today’s workforce is looking for jobs that have meaning and where they feel they can make a difference. They are also looking for developmental opportunities, so they can continue to learn and be challenged. Take a look at the wages, benefits, and work environment you are currently providing. Is it in need of some improvement? What are competitors offering to candidates you want to attract? High level candidates want to work for an employer who can offer them an amazing experience, so make sure you are ready to do this to get them knocking on your doors.

Be visible in the community

As part of your effort to improve your reputation as an employer of choice, it’s important to take your corporate culture beyond the four walls of your building. Become a part of the Chicago community by attending business and career fairs, where many great future employees will be hanging out. Provide information to local colleges and universities about internships and work opportunities. Head to the Chicago workforce centers and find out if they have retraining programs that your company can participate in. There are many wonderful candidates out there just waiting to learn more about your company, so be visible and part of the overall success of your local economy.

Work with a staffing agency in Chicago

Serious job seekers are smart enough to register with leading Chicago staffing agencies like Arlington Resources. Your first stop to finding the best candidates, then, is to connect with our staffing agents to see who we already have on board in your particular area of industry skills. In addition to having a pipeline of quality candidates, our networks expand nationally to find those who are ready to relocate for a great career opportunity.

As a trusted staffing firm, we reduce your time spent on recruiting, evaluating, screening and interviewing employees. Contact Arlington Resources today to work with a top human resources staffing agency in Chicago!

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