With top talent in great demand, when the best candidates accept an offer of employment elsewhere, they typically receive a counteroffer from their current employer. Because you want top candidates to work for you rather than the competition, you need to take steps to ensure you remain their first choice. Follow these guidelines to encourage candidates to accept your job offer.

Gauge the Candidate’s Interest

Find out how serious the candidate is about working for your company. If they’re simply seeing what’s out there, or the candidate just wants more money, they may be susceptible to a counteroffer. In contrast, if the candidate is set on pursuing a new opportunity, they may be more likely to accept an offer from you. A counteroffer tends not to be effective when money isn’t the main issue.

Prepare the Candidate

When you decide to make an offer and believe it will be accepted, let the candidate know they may receive a counteroffer. Observe their response and behavior for insight into whether they may be at risk for accepting it. Ask the candidate whether they might accept a counteroffer. If they won’t discuss the issue or provide no indication that a counteroffer would be off the table, the candidate is more likely to consider accepting one. Let them know that if they accept your offer, they may not accept a counteroffer.

Provide Impactful Onboarding

Because onboarding begins when a candidate accepts a job, the process may occur as the candidate receives a counteroffer from their former employer. Ensure your onboarding experience makes the new hire feel welcome and wanted from the beginning. For instance, once they give their employer two weeks’ notice, have a team member keep in contact with the new hire through a daily phone call, email or video call to ensure they come work for you. Take the new hire out to lunch. Send a care package of a shirt, pens and other items with your company logo along with a handwritten note welcoming them to your organization.

Point out the Advantages

Because a candidate must weigh the pros and cons of coming to work for you, find out what is most important to them and how you can fill that need. For instance, if a candidate would have to relocate, offer a relocation package. If they want to travel for work and the role requires it, point out the places they can see on the company’s dollar. If the candidate wants greater opportunities for learning and career growth, point out how training and promotions work within your organization. Be sure to include benefits such as health insurance, a retirement plan or vacation days and perks such as work flexibility, education reimbursement or paid parental leave.

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