Branding is an important key to company success. Behaviors shown and actions taken by brands over the years create an impression that forms feelings, emotions, and thoughts about the brand. Therefore, you want to control your company’s image as much as possible to be seen as an employer of choice.

Define Your Brand

Define your brand to show why your company is unique. To start, determine how you can proactively attract and retain top talent, communicate company values, and transform your employees into company ambassadors. Then, consider how to make your brand strong enough to resonate with employees, seamlessly integrate into each employee process, and remain distinctive, meaningful and memorable. Next, consider your employee value proposition (EVP), a statement that sums up what it is like working for your company and why employees remain loyal. Back up your EVP with evidence from your policies, learning and development, culture, and engagement.

Use Stories to Show Your Brand

Use Facebook, Instagram, and other social media to provide a glimpse of what it is like working at your company. Mix fun and professionalism to show your brand is connected and promotes self-discovery. Also, offer in-person events such as career fairs and conferences to determine whether candidates blend with company culture. Additionally, encourage employees to write company reviews on Glassdoor, Indeed and other sites to boost your brand awareness and desirability.

Focus on the Right Social Channels

In addition to social media, target search engines. Because the majority of an employee’s audience is composed of family and friends, you want to focus on where your target market is. Since your employees get searched much more than your company does, and employee leads or referrals convert much better than leads through other channels, you want to promote your brand on search engines more than other channels.

Provide Superior Service

Go out of your way to serve others to the best of your ability. It does not matter who they are, what their company rank is or if they are a challenging customer. Whether they are your boss, colleagues, employees, board members, shareholders or customers, fulfill their needs however you can. Make their jobs easier, solve their problems, and help them to achieve their goals.

Demonstrate Expertise

Support employees in demonstrating expertise. For instance, provide ongoing training and development opportunities for career growth. Cross-train employees to work in different departments. Additionally, pair newer employees with seasoned professionals to share their knowledge, provide guidance, and develop their skills. Further, give employees real-time feedback to continually improve their performance.

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