Companies are always looking for ways to increase employee retention. Greater retention results in better productivity, increased business performance and decreased costs. Therefore, as a company executive, you need to do what you can to encourage employee retention. Follow these guidelines to ensure you’re taking care of the right people.

Connect with Employees at All Levels

Actively connect with employees at all levels of your organization. Part of their job satisfaction is tied to their feelings toward you as a leader. For example, employees want to feel mutual respect and trust between themselves and you. Also, along with fair compensation and benefits, employees desire recognition for their contributions and accomplishments. In addition, employees feel more engaged in their tasks and satisfied with their work when they have a personal connection with you. Furthermore, employees remain loyal to the company longer when they have a relationship with upper management.

Ensure Supervisors Support Employees

Make sure that supervisors provide their employees with the resources and support they need to complete their work. Because employees are a vital part of your company’s success, supervisors need to focus on team-related issues that affect productivity and impact the bottom line. For example, a supervisor should periodically check in with their team to ensure they’re meeting short- and long-term goals for completing a project on time. Also, if the team has a disagreement on how to proceed, the supervisor should help them resolve the issue to continue moving forward.

Make Sure Employees’ Needs Are Met

Meeting your employees’ needs makes employees feel valued and helps create stronger connections within your organization. Strongly connected employees are more likely to solve problems and overcome obstacles to continue moving your company forward. For example, ask new employees whether they clearly understand their role, the goals they want to achieve, and how their work affects the rest of the organization. Also, ask all employees whether they have any issues with co-workers that need resolution.

Share Company News

Communicate company news to employees at all levels. Employees appreciate knowing they have job security and that their company is progressing. For example, send out short emails or post short announcements so that your employees are all notified about company news at one time. Also, mention company news in conversations with employees so they stay current on new developments and engage co-workers with the information. In addition, answer employees’ questions to ease their minds and lessen the stress of making changes.

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