As a hiring manager, you need to determine whether candidates are telling the truth about their skills and experience. If a new hire does not have the required qualifications to excel in a role, you will be forced to spend additional time and money starting the recruiting process all over. Therefore, you want to be able to tell whether a candidate is being honest about their background before extending a job offer. Follow these guidelines to help determine whether HR candidates you are interviewing are telling the truth.

Ask Specific Questions

Along with open-ended questions, ask follow-up questions about what a candidate tells you. For instance, request stories and examples of their experience and skill level, and look for concrete answers. The more details the candidate gives, the more likely they are being truthful. Determine whether the candidate is providing information beyond what is on their resume. Adding information shows greater honesty. Plus, look for whether the candidate focuses too much on collaborative accomplishments. Ask which role they played in finishing a project. They may not be as individually skilled as required for the position.

Monitor Body Language  

Learn how to read a candidate’s body language. Their gestures, posture, facial expressions, and other nonverbal cues will reveal more about their intentions than words will. For instance, pay attention to posture. Slouching shows low self-confidence or disrespect. Leaning back or coming too close to someone’s face shows defensiveness. Moving one shoulder or neither shoulder when expressing excitement demonstrates uncertainty or lying. Also, monitor eye contact. Continuously averting eyes or focusing on something else for an extended period of time may signal dishonesty. Additionally, watch for gestures. Constant chopping and finger pointing show authoritarianism. Rubbing one’s neck often may demonstrate frustration or hiding false information. Playing with hair or crossing arms shows discomfort or insecurity.

Check Out Social Media

Evaluate a candidate’s social media accounts. For instance, reach out to individuals professionally connected to the candidate to verify information and ask about the candidate’s work ethic. Also, look at the content a candidate is posting to determine whether it shows involvement in their industry. They should be following people and companies in their field and sharing related information.

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