LinkedIn is an effective platform for recruiting talent. Being more businessoriented than most social media, the platform highlights candidates’ resumes, skills, experience, connections and general influence in the field. For these reasons, LinkedIn typically is the top choice for employers to source talent. Implement these top five best LinkedIn recruiting practices today.  

1. Search for Candidates 

Use LinkedIn to find job candidates. For instance, LinkedIn Recruiter lets you search by past or current employers, job titles, years of experience, seniority level, company size, interests, locations, schools, references from trusted recommenders, and specific language in profiles. You also can search through your network’s first and second connections to find people you may want an introduction to. Plus, you can ask employees to identify whom you should connect with for open jobs and request introductions when desired. 

 2. Screen Candidates 

LinkedIn gives you a fuller picture of a candidate’s personality and qualifications than a resume. For instance, you can screen and verify capabilities, credentials and skills before contacting candidates. Also, you can view candidates’ endorsements, recommendations, education, prior work experience and interests. Plus, you can see which Groups candidates participate in to determine their skill level, passion and online influence. Additionally, you can view their connections to see how connected they are in the industry.  

 3. Reach Out to Candidates  

Use InMail, job postings and sponsored jobs to reach out to candidates. For instance, use InMail for private messaging or requesting assistance from your network or certain professionals to find a qualified candidate. Post jobs on LinkedIn to recruit candidates within groups and by status updates. Bid for top placement in the Jobs You May Be Interested In section on the LinkedIn homepage to increase application rates. 

 4. Use LinkedIn Pages 

Showcase your unique company culture and employee experience through LinkedIn Pages. Postemployee-created content, videos and photos to show what working for you is really like. Candidates can see what you have to offer, receive personalized job recommendations and connect with employees. Real-time page analytics show who’s engaging with your page and which content has the greatest impact.  

 5. Measure Your Success 

Track the same types of metrics and monitor where candidates come from on LinkedIn as you do for other recruiting platforms. Gain insight into how effective LinkedIn is as a recruiting tool. Used LinkedIn’s Talent Brand Index to measure how strong your recruiting is within the platform.   

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