Working with many hiring companies in Chicago, we see hiring processes that work and others that don’t.  Here are a few tips for success in hiring new talent for your organization:

1. Slow to Contact Candidates.

Don’t collect resumes and then review these resumes to see who is best.  Review the resumes as soon as you can and be available to interview.  The top candidates could be from the resumes you see at the beginning of the search, and if they are not contacted quickly then they will probably have already moved on to another role.

2. Looking for Perfection on Paper?

Are the hiring managers looking for perfection on paper?  Be open-minded and remember the resume is just a quick snapshot of the person’s background.  A recruiter can help give you true insight to the person skills and abilities to do a great job for your organization.

3. Not Having Dedicated Interviewing Times.

Once you start reviewing candidates, have a dedicated interview schedule already set up with the key decision makers.

4. Too Many Hands in the Cookie Jar?

Don’t stretch out the interview process. Try to schedule multiple interviews on the same date, so the candidate can be effective with their time off of work to interview with the appropriate hiring managers and teams.  Make sure only the key decisions makers are able to influence the decision on hiring.

5. How Quick is Your Feedback?

It doesn’t take long for top candidates to land a new position.  Respond back within 24 hours of the interview.  Otherwise, the candidate will think you are not interested, become disengaged with your company, and will move on to another position.

6. No Feedback.

Candidates talk and share experiences.  If you are not providing any feedback, your company will be tagged as one that doesn’t care about their employees.

7. Not Really Ready to Hire?

Be sure you are ready to hire when a great candidate is identified for your company.  It is a waste of everyone’s time to go through the recruiting process, only to find out the company is not ready to actually hire a new employee.

8. Salaries Competitive?

Understand compensation trends for the open positions and make sure your salaries are competitive in the marketplace.

9. Relying on job postings.

Staffing and search companies that specialize in certain disciplines and industries are experts in their fields and can find better talent, quicker.  Don’t rely on hiring the best person you found from a job posting.  Work with a niche recruiter to help you expand your search to find the best person who is available in the marketplace for the position.

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