As a recruiter, your passion is finding top talent for companies. Because this is not easily accomplished, you need to take advantage of all the recruiting tools you can to increase efficiency and effectiveness. Therefore, it may be time to implement virtual reality (VR) into your recruiting process. VR can be added to your arsenal of recruiting tools in many ways including Apps, Videos, VR Headsets and Facebook games.

Efficiently Screen Candidates

Because VR lets you gamify your recruiting process, you increase efficiency when screening candidates. Since you want to know which candidates are interested and possess the tactical knowledge required to be successful in a role, you can use VR to see firsthand which candidates can perform basic job functions. Those who succeed can be fast-tracked through your recruiting process. Those who face difficulty or lose interest may look for other opportunities.

Determine Fit With Company Culture

VR lets you determine whether candidates fit with company culture. Candidates who blend with culture are more likely to have a work style and expectations in line with the way things are done. They also are more likely to enjoy working for the organization and remain loyal for many years. By using VR, you can see how candidates interact with potential co-workers, how they participate in meetings, and whether they enjoy the overall experience. Also, because candidates become more informed on job expectations, they can better decide whether to pursue the position.

Offer a Virtual Office Tour

Implementing VR into your recruiting practice lets you showcase the office where candidates may work. You save time and money on planning, inviting and rescheduling tours by having candidates experience the workplace virtually, rather than actually going there. This is especially beneficial when your client company is geographically distant. Candidates can uncover what is unique and interesting about the organization, determine whether they feel a personal connection, and decide whether they want to move forward in the recruiting process.

Place Candidates in Real-Life Situations

By using VR, you can place candidates in a real-life work situation and evaluate how they respond. The situation should be stressful and relate to something they may encounter if working for the client company. For example, the candidate may handle a difficult customer or work through an especially challenging task. You can determine whether candidates would be successful in the role based on how they react to adversity that may arise during employment. This narrows down your candidate pool even further and lets you select the best person for the role.

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