As we look back over the year we are grateful to all the people we have touched and all those who have helped us along the way!  One of our most rewarding roles we fill is the difficult-to-fill positions.  As a thank you, please enjoy these tips to add to your search strategy!

Using traditional sourcing strategies along with adding techniques that include reaching deeper into your networks, as well as your employees’ networks, will enhance your recruiting success.

1. Social Media.

Utilizing your company’s social media accounts including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, and posting weekly videos and blog posts will create a network to keep your company in front of potential candidates.  Postings should include information on open positions, why employees love working at your company, what a typical day is like to work at your company and what your company has done to give back to the community.  In addition, your employees can post similar updates on their social media accounts to expand your company’s reach.  Keep track of where the new hires are coming from to expand your efforts in these areas.  Look for online forums for your industry to join and post information about your company to attract candidates.

2. Employee Referral Program.

Take a look at your program to see if it has been updated recently.  A typical referral program can pay $1000 to $5000 per hire.  By providing appropriate incentives to fill the most critical positions, employee referral bonuses can be increased for the hard-to-fill positions.  Make sure employee referrals are acknowledged – send a shout out or provide the employee a small incentive gift as a token of appreciation for the referral such as a Starbucks gift card or company t-shirt.  Everyone loves a game, so get employees involved by having a referral leader board and the people with the most referrals win a prize!  Make it easy for employees to submit referrals with 1 click submission to the appropriate person.

3. Updating Your Ads and Job Descriptions.

Do your ads reflect why you are a great company to work for including company perks?  People want to work for great companies doing awesome things.  What does your company do and what perks do you offer such as flexible scheduling, work from home, free lunches, exciting projects to work on and opportunities for career growth.  Let the candidates know why your employees love working for your company.  Take a second look at your job description – does it require a degree?  Can a person be successful in the role without a degree?   Interview everyone! If you are waiting for the “perfect” person on paper, you will miss out on some great candidates.

4. Interns and College Recruiting.

If your position requires a degree, start a pipeline of candidates early in their careers!  Hiring interns exposes you to their friends and networks.  See if you have a culture that supports interns and provides growth opportunities.  Recruit on college.

5. Prevent Ghosting.

According to a survey done by, over 40% of candidates believe it is reasonable to ghost a company.  To help reduce the amount of candidates who ghost you:  streamline your hiring process, let the candidates know why you are a great company to work for, keep the communication consistent throughout the interview process and don’t be afraid to over-communicate, make sure the position descriptions match the positions that the candidates are interviewing for, monitor your social network to ensure your company has positive reviews, and create a “WOW” experience for the candidate during the interview process.

As always, Arlington Resources can help you find the talent you need for your company.  Please do not hesitate to reach out to us.  We would be happy to assist you.