There is no such thing as an over-appreciated employee. Because workers are what keep your company moving forward, you should be thanking them throughout the day for choosing to benefit your business. Here are four ways you can express appreciation for your employees.

Create a Corporate Gamification System

Create a list of tasks and a point value for each. Let staff members choose their tasks and tally up their points upon completion. Points may be redeemed through a corporate rewards portal. Prizes may include vacation or remote workdays, company-paid continuing education or professional cleaning services for the employee’s home or vehicle. Employees will appreciate choosing which tasks they engage in and enjoy having extra time away from the office, participating in educational opportunities or having a clean home or car.

Offer an Employee Platform

Employees may recognize each other for outstanding contributions in completing projects and achieving business goals. This will foster an atmosphere of respect and teamwork. Staff also may share their stories, tips, and methods to provide validation that their work is valuable. Additionally, workers may provide feedback about teamwork, leadership, career growth and other issues to measure both individual and business success and suggest improvement.

Feed Your Employees

Bring in donuts and bagels for breakfast or provide pizza at lunchtime. Communal food strengthens interpersonal relationships while making employees feel appreciated. Also, either take your team to lunch or have them bring in food from other cultures as a potluck ethnic celebration. Be sure you talk with each member during the meal, so they feel noticed and special. Additionally, allow extra time for breaks or meals to indulge in time with colleagues.

Host Company Activities

Take your employees to the theatre, a sporting event or zoo. Or, arrange a tour at a botanical garden, participate in a seasonal or holiday event, or other local attraction. Participation in company activities creates an environment of flexibility and positivity, fosters colleague relationships and fun memories, and promotes loyalty to the organization.

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