Online recruiting helps you connect with qualified job candidates. Because the average internet user has more than five social media accounts, odds are you will reach your target audience on multiple platforms. You may even be able to reach candidates through social media you would not be able to otherwise.

Create a Recruiting Strategy

Design a social media recruiting strategy unique to your company. For instance, consider company culture and which role you are hiring for, then focus on where your target audience typically hangs out. Also, tailor your recruiting efforts to each platform by using targeted keywords.

Use LinkedIn

Remain active on LinkedIn. For instance, fully complete your brand page to showcase company culture, post job openings, and share company information. Also, use filters to find qualified candidates by location, current and past employers, years of experience, and other factors. Additionally, reach out to potential candidates with a personal message about what caught your attention about them, why they may be a good fit for your company, and asking to connect.

Promote Company Culture

Use social media to promote company culture. Candidates want to work for an organization with a unique culture that fits their personality.

Participate in Conversations

Join online conversations related to your industry. For instance, participate in LinkedIn Groups and Quora. Also, post in niche networks and forums such as GitHub and StackOverflow for developers or Moz and Warrior Forum for marketers.

Utilize Facebook

Stay active on Facebook. For instance, provide current and complete information about your business on your company page. Also, regularly share company updates, news, events and photos. Additionally, use Facebook Ads to promote job postings for targeted candidates according to age group, gender, geographical area, interests and keywords.

Involve Your Employees

Encourage employee involvement in social recruiting. They can share job openings, discuss their experiences with your company, and promote your brand.

Hold Live Question and Answer Sessions

Promote live online question and answer sessions. Employees, recruiters and potential candidates can learn more about your business, find out what a day at the office may be like, and hear personal stories about experiences with team members.

Stay Active on Twitter

Maintain an active Twitter account. For instance, share job openings with photos, videos, and three hashtags. Also, connect with candidates who reach out to you. Plus, analyze their profiles to determine their communication style, personality and ability to collaborate.

Share a Combination of Posts

Ensure you share a proper number and mix of posts. If you publish 10 posts daily, include five pieces of external content, three pieces of internal content, and two pieces of personal content that showcase your company being active in the community.

Determine Your Success

Measure the success of each social recruiting campaign. Determine what is working and what is not. Modify future campaigns to increase efficiency and effectiveness.

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