Company culture plays a significant role in your organization’s success. Culture helps ensure your employees understand your business goals and can work toward achieving them. Therefore, you need to have staff members monitoring culture to have maximum impact on moving your organization forward. Here are some ways your talent acquisition team plays a key role in company culture.

What Company Culture Is

Company culture includes the way employees think and behave within an organization. Senior executives and HR professionals typically define what your company considers appropriate in order to improve individual and business performance. If employees don’t understand the strengths and weaknesses of the culture they portray, your organization has challenges achieving its objectives. Also, because HR professionals tend to work more closely with employees than executives do, HR has a clearer idea of the culture being portrayed and areas in which it needs improvement.

HR Influence on Company Culture

HR can provide monetary rewards to employees consistently demonstrating appropriate thoughts and behaviors resulting in desired outcomes. To illustrate, sales professionals may be rewarded based on the number of accounts they open while assisting team members and adhering to company policy. HR can also consider company culture throughout the hiring process. In addition to the required knowledge, skills and experience, HR should ask culture-related questions to determine whether candidates may be a strong fit for the organization. If your culture supports independent thinking, avoid hiring supervisors who micromanage team members. In addition, HR can implement training and development programs that encourage employees to think and behave according to company culture and help advance those who model appropriate actions. HR can promote collaboration by creating a team-based awards program and performance management process to evaluate employees on their individual and team behaviors and reward appropriate actions.

Company Culture Demonstrated in All Areas

Company branding should promote culture in all marketing materials to attract the appropriate candidates. Also, interviewers should ask culture-related questions to ensure candidates agree with the company’s mission and values and will act accordingly if hired. Encourage collaboration by holding regular brainstorming sessions and encouraging employees to contribute their ideas for moving the company forward. Furthermore, HR should ensure all employees at every level think and behave according to company culture at all times.

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