As an HR professional, what can you begin doing now to prepare for changes in 2020? Many of today’s best practices are evolving under different business conditions and may become obsolete next year. Start learning all you can about your industry, competitors and pending legislation that affects business operations. Here are five top trends in HR to prepare for in 2020.

Strategic Thinking Will Become HR’s Core Competence

HR professionals will need to reposition themselves as strategic partners within the company. C-suite executives will partner with a smaller HR team to drive growth. HR will need to make accurate projections based on business goals and using metrics that describe how long it takes to fill a job, the per-employee training spend and related issues.

HR Will Use More Analytics to Provide Value

HR professionals will use even more big data and analytics to add value to the organization. Although HR already uses turnover ratios, employee engagement levels and related metrics, new metrics such as the average timeframe for employees to be ready for promotion or percentage of top candidates to be hired will be tracked and used. As a result, HR departments will need to add staff who can analyze and make projections using those tools. They also need professionals who can drive positive change using the information uncovered from the analysis.

Managing a Remote Workforce Will Be the Norm

HR staff will need to handle the challenge of managing a remote workforce. Companies will need to leverage employees where and when they are most productive, no matter where they are in the world. Automation and a changing set of expectations will be part of the answer to managing a workforce from afar. New technologies will be developed to analyze work production rather than working time. Because results will be more important than hours put in, HR will need to produce more result-driven performance analysis.

HR Will Become More Like Marketing

HR staff will act more like marketing staff. Recruiters will identify specific microsegments of job seekers or employees to target in their hiring process as a marketing firm would. HR also will move into the internal marketing position to include social marketing coordination and brand ownership. They will encourage outside talent to buy into the company brand and potentially come to work for it.

HR Will Administer a Modern Benefits Package

HR staff will be marketing and administering a benefits package that will attract and retain the modern worker. Parental leave, flextime and caregiver time will be included. Expanded fertility benefits, gender reassignment and transformation assistance, financial wellness and other benefits supporting critical life events will be offered as well.

Move Forward in Your HR Career

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