With your company’s changing workforce needs and recruitment costs, hiring employees may not always be in your best interest. Similarly, you may not have the time to find a professional with the specialized skills needed for a position. Depending on your situation, you may be able to save time and money by bringing aboard a direct hire, contract-to-hire or temporary worker. Here are some brief descriptions of the three types of workers. Contact Arlington Resources for more information.

Direct Hire  

Direct hire employment is ideal for filling a long-term need. Such roles are permanent, typically full time, and provide benefits. They are beneficial when you need a highly skilled worker for a hard-to-fill position. Because the staffing agency manages the recruiting and hiring process, they use their vast network to find the professional you need in less time than you could on your own. The agency saves you time by interviewing candidates and sending a few top ones your way. Because you have fewer candidates to interview, you can spend more time getting to know each and deciding which would be the best fit. If you openly communicate with the staffing agency, you can shorten your window to making an offer by having them manage candidate expectations and keep them engaged in the hiring process. After an offer is accepted, the employee goes on your payroll and is eligible for benefits such as health insurance, a retirement plan, and PTO.


Contract-to-hire employment lets you see how workers perform before deciding whether to permanently hire them. During the contract period, typically six to 12 months, the worker is employed by the staffing agency. You outline the contract terms, such as the hourly rate or method of pay, specific duties how the worker will be evaluated and when the contract period ends. If the worker is handling confidential information, you may want to include a confidentiality clause in the agreement. Workers have a set period of time to prove they are a proper fit for the role and blend with company culture. By regularly communicating with the worker and providing consistent feedback, they know how they are performing and where they may need improvement. If you decide to offer the worker a permanent position and they accept, they become an employee on your payroll.


Temporary employment is ideal for unpredictable workloads, project work, seasonal peaks, leaves of absence and other limited-term needs. Workers assist your employees with meeting business demands. Temporary roles usually have a set timeframe. Because the workers are employed by the staffing agency, you save on employee costs. You may have the option of permanently hiring a temporary worker after their assignment ends.

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